Auto Repair Shop

For those in need of routine car maintenance or full-on repairs, you should head to our auto repair shop! We offer a breadth of services for our customers on vehicles both domestic and foreign. We will take the time to carefully inspect and fix any problems your ride is experiencing, delivering an honest and affordable service!

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Auto Tune Up

In order to remain safe while on the road, it’s important to have your vehicle periodically go through an auto tune up in order to maintain its power and efficiency. Not only is this key to continued performance, but it can also help prevent any issues from becoming major problems later on.

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Brake Repair

If you start to notice it’s taking longer for your car to slow down at a red light or you start to hear a screeching sound, you may need to have your brakes inspected and possibly replaced. This is to prevent a safety hazard from occurring on the road that may cause a major accident. Don’t delay – have one of our professionals inspect it!

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Sal, Stockton, CA
This mechanic shop is amazing. The mechanics are honest and they go the extra mile to serve the needs of their customers. I highly recommend Amessa Automotive for your future mechanic needs.
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